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More Information About The Piqua Shawnee Tribe The Shawnee people have been labelled as nomadic by the historians because they have found evidence proving that they moved from North America and settled in other places. For extended periods of time, the small family units have been retained. The state of Alabama has been the home of the Shawnee people. There are various areas where the Shawnee people later spread to, but the state of Alabama remains one of the geographical regions where they stayed for long, and that is said by some historians. Studies by some archeologists is that the Shawnee tribe inhabited the Alabama state first before the others. The facts that have been put forth by some specialists have disputed the view that the Shawnee tribe has been Alabama state for not a long time. Burial sites that used standard burial methods of the Shawnee are found in several areas of the state. There are some sections of the Shawnee that escaped the invasion of the settlers because they did not like what they do. There was conflict as a result of varied interests between the rulers and the inhabitants and after the conflict dwindled, there are some that returned. A majority of families, however, chose to stay on the outskirts where there were no harassment by government officials and neighbors who were peaceful. Family stories and all the happenings since the beginning have been preserved because of the nature of Shawnee people loving to tell stories. The Piqua people have lived to that, and they love their heritage. The tribe has other family groups that stay in several states. Kentucky, Ohio, Maryland, Tennessee, South Carolina, Missouri, Indiana and Texas. The Piqua Shawnee organize for meetings with their other members so that they do not migrate far away from each other. Principal chief is a high position within the Piqua Shawnee tribe, and the duties that are undertaken by the office bearer should articulate what the majority want. There is also a tribal government that is maintained by the tribal council. Council of elders which is an advisory board, the clan chiefs, and clan mothers make up the tribal council. The proceedings of the tribal council are conducted with conformity with the clan protocol.
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All the issues are discussed at the council then shared with the clans for deliberation. It is the function of the council to ensure that people speak in one voice and that is why they seek their opinion before implementation of anything. A majority of Indian ladies wore long skirts while the men wore breechcloths. They also kept their hair long except for those instances when there was a war.Short Course on Tribes – Covering The Basics

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